Dental and Vision Insurance Help Protect Your Overall Health

At Breedlove Insurance Agency, we provide a full spectrum of insurance services to our clients. With more than 19 years of experience, we know that many clients prefer more than just standardized, basic healthcare insurance policies. To supplement traditional insurance plans, we proudly provide vision and dental insurance to our clients in Oro Valley, AZ, and Santa Fe, NM. Run through private insurance companies, these plans help offset the costs of regular dental care and eye care and can protect you in the event of an unexpected emergency. Contact Breedlove Insurance Agency today to explore the dental and vision plans available to you.

Dental Care is Essential and Expensive

If you are considering dental insurance, you could stand to save a substantial amount of yearly costs in preventive dental care alone. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings can cost a family upwards from several hundred dollars per year. In addition, all extra costs that arise from regular dental care, such as the need for a crown, denture, wisdom tooth removal, and other procedures can have astronomical out-of-pocket costs.

While it can be costly, dental care is an essential part of your overall healthcare. As the entryway to your digestive and respiratory systems, your mouth can allow dangerous bacteria to enter your system if not well taken care of. Additionally, untreated problems like tooth infection can cause serious pain and tooth loss.

To help waive the excessive cost of dental care, we proudly provide a number of dental insurance possibilities. Dental insurance plans can be very affordable, ranging from basic plans that cover preventive care like biannual cleanings, to premium plans that cover unexpected procedures such as crown placement, wisdom tooth extraction, and even braces. Our certified agent, Sherry Breedlove, will listen to your needs to help you choose the best-suited plan for your family.

Vision Insurance for Long-term Protection

Vision insurance plans are one of the most affordable types of insurance for most of our clients. Vision insurance usually has a very low premium – sometimes as around as little as $10 a month – but offers great savings when it comes time to visit the eye doctor.

Vision insurance usually covers the cost of regular eye exams and provides discounts on glasses, frames and contacts should you require them. Designer frames and lenses and premium contact lenses are quite expensive out-of-pocket, so insurance is a good option to consider if your family has vision complications.

Even if you have not been diagnosed with a vision issue, vision insurance can help cover the cost of your regular – and important – eye exams. Not only do these eye exams allow providers to detect problems with the way you see, but they can also detect signs pointing to general health problems, such as glaucoma, diabetes and hypertension. With such affordable plans available for vision insurance, you should at least consider this coverage.

Vision and Dental Insurance Provide Big Rewards with Little Investment

If you are considering adding vision or dental insurance to your current health insurance policy, Breedlove Insurance Agency can help. We have more than 19 years of experience helping clients in Oro Valley, AZ, and Santa Fe, NM, find the best insurance plan for their unique needs. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation with our compassionate team.